A Culinary Fusion of French Sophistication And Nikkei Vibrance

Located at 127 4th Avenue, Nomé’s chic downtown vibe features a creative menu that celebrates Nikkei cuisine. From the Mocha Hospitality Group team, Nome is open for lunch, dinner and brunch, Chef Santiago Chiuz and Sushi Chef Hiroji Sawatari have curated a bold menu rich in Peruvian and Japanese flavors. The Nikkei-inspired menu includes a selection of sushi, fish and meat, paired with stellar cocktails.

Our Vision

At Nomé, we celebrate the rich culinary heritage born from the union of Japanese and Peruvian cultures. This unique fusion, known as Nikkei cuisine, reflects a historic connection that dates back to the first diplomatic relations established between Latin America and Japan. Our menu is a testament to this enduring relationship, offering a dining experience that is both sophisticated and adventurous.

Meet Our Chef

Under the expert guidance of Chef Santiago Chiuz, renowned for his contributions to Miami's vibrant culinary scene, Nomé promises a journey of culinary excellence and innovation. Each dish is crafted with precision and passion, showcasing Chef Chiuz's commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor and presentation.

The Ambience

Step into Nomé and immerse yourself in an environment designed to evoke tranquility and cultural celebration. Our newly renovated space features melodic tunes and hand-drawn murals that honor Japanese and Peruvian heritage. Every detail, from the artisanal hand-crafted plates sourced from a village in Colombia to the meticulously curated décor, has been chosen to enhance your dining experience and transport you beyond the heart of NYC.

Nomé is proud to offer a menu that is both Kosher and dairy-free, ensuring that our guests can enjoy our culinary creations with confidence and peace of mind.

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